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30 de enero de 2017

StyleWe, page of fashion

Hi readers! I write an entry where I'm going to talk about online shop that I like because it have a lot of fashion news.


The shop is Stylewe, I was talking about this page a few months ago, but I recommend it because I'm falling in love with it. You can acces to the web from here.

It have a lot of types of fashion and accesories, but I want to mark the most I like for the summer.

I see a one triangle bikini that I really like:


If you like it, give me a comment in the entry.

Finally, I like to show you the tips about the hairstyle with a bandana, it's really nice.

Source: Beautytipsmart
Bandana Style

In the link you can see a lot of styles with a bandanas. But this is my favourite style!

Do you know the page? What do you think about the products?

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